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Jean-Paul Beaubier || NORTHSTAR


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Name:Jean-Paul Beaubier || NORTHSTAR
Birthdate:Feb 21
Location:Westchester, New York, United States of America
Website:x-muses @ dw


NAME: Jean-Paul Beaubier
CODE NAME: Northstar
OCCUPATION: Former terrorist, adventurer, teacher, businessman, novelist, professional skier, trapeze artist, thief
BIRTHPLACE: Montreal, Québec, Canada
CURRENT LOCATION: X-Mansion, Westchester, New York


HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 185 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Black, silver streaks
ABILITIES: World-class professional skier, skilled trapeze artist, and an accomplished novelist. He also speaks fluent French. After resurrection by The Hand, Northstar has been trained in the deadly martial arts. Northstar is very skilled in aerial combat.


Jean-Paul Beaubier’s parents were killed in a car crash shortly after his birth. He and his twin sister, Jeanne-Marie, were taken in by the Martins, cousins of their mother, but they could not afford to raise both children and so sent Jeanne-Marie to a catholic girl’s school. When Jean-Paul was six, he was placed in a foster home after his foster parents died, and the twins grew up unaware of each other. As a teenager, Jean-Paul was caught stealing by Raymonde Belmonde, who became his mentor and guardian, helping Jean-Paul cope with both his emerging mutant nature and his sexuality. Belmonde introduced Jean-Paul to skiing, which he used as a means to help control his super-speed. Jean-Paul later joined a circus and became a talented trapeze artist. He came to regard his fellow performers as the family he had never known. However, there was still much anger and frustration within him which he ultimately expressed by joining the separatist Front de Libération du Québec movement. Becoming part of the Front’s radical Cell Combattre, Jean-Paul acted as a courier. He came to disagree with the Cell’s terrorist methods after he saw himself forced to save innocent lives from a bomb. He subsequently severed all ties with the Front.

Jean-Paul returned to his passion for skiing, and by secretly using his powers he quickly became a world champion, winning a gold medal at the Olympics and becoming famous and wealthy. At that time, the Canadian government’s Department H had begun forming a team of superhuman operatives, Alpha Flight. The team’s founder, James Hudson, had already recruited Jean-Paul’s sister as Aurora, and after seeing a photo of Jean-Paul he noticed their resemblance and discovered they were siblings. Hudson invited Jean-Paul to join the team as well, and he was overjoyed to learn that he had a sister, joining the team as Northstar to be with her. The twin’s reunion came as a surprise to all, for when they touched they created a flash of intense light.

The team’s first mission was to reclaim former government operative Wolverine, who had defected and joined the American X-Men team. Ambushing the X-Men in Calgary, Alpha Flight held their own, but the battle caused much damage and the government opted to let Wolverine go rather than face massive rebuilding costs. Shortly thereafter, Department H was closed and Alpha Flight disbanded. Later visiting his sister, Northstar was shocked to discover that she had a dual personality, alternating between the free-spirited Aurora and the shy, reserved Jeanne-Marie. When Hudson reformed Alpha Flight without government funding, Northstar managed to convince his sister to return with him. After his sister began to switch personalities with increasing frequency, Northstar sought psychiatric help for her.

Later, Northstar took his sister to visit Belmonde, but the reunion turned to tragedy after Belmonde was killed by Deadly Ernest who then kidnapped Aurora. With the help of the enigmatic Nemesis, Northstar rescued his sister. The siblings later argued over Northstar’s mistaken assumption that Aurora had romanced Ernest to prevent him from harming her. Shocked at her brother’s arrogance, Aurora angrily told him she never wanted to see him again. Despite Northstar’s pleas for forgiveness, Aurora stayed true to her word, and he eventually ceased operating as a member of Alpha Flight on a regular basis. Aurora ultimately sought to break her ties with him completely by having her teammate and then-lover Sasquatch alter her powers so they were not the same as his.

Ultimately reconciling their differences following the apparent death of Sasquatch, the twins joined Alpha Flight in opposing the gamma-spawned Hulk, who was rampaging through Vancouver. During the battle, the twins discovered that, as a result of Aurora’s altered powers, they could now no longer touch each other without temporarily cancelling out their powers. The Hulk was eventually driven back to the U.S., and the Canadian government realized that Alpha Flight was necessary and reinstated the team’s funding. Northstar returned to active status with the team, but his terrorist past would soon come back to haunt him after former members of Cell Combattre began turning up dead. After the killer was exposed, Northstar was pardoned for his past indiscretions by Canada’s Prime Minister.

Northstar later reunited with his former teammates to uncover the truth about the new Department H, and they assisted a new Alpha Flight team against the latest Weapon X. Northstar then left to write his autobiography, “Born Normal.” At a book signing in Philadelphia, Northstar was recruited by the mutant telepath Jean Grey to join an ad-hoc X-Men team to oppose Magneto and his planned all-out attack against mankind. Returning to Canada, Northstar established himself as a successful businessman before he was invited to join the Xavier Institute as a teacher of business and economics. Northstar also taught a flight class for new students, and became advisor to a squad of students he dubbed Alpha Squadron in honor of his former team.


Northstar is an Alpha-Level mutant.

Photokinesis and Gestalt Photokinesis: Can generate from his body a bright white light equivalent at maximum intensity to half million-foot candles. He does so by varying the rate of acceleration of the molecules of his body out of phase with one another, thereby generating a cascade of photonic discharges. Originally he could only generate light when in physical contact with his twin sister Aurora. Should he link hands with Aurora, they could generate a light equivalent to a lighthouse beacon (one million foot candles) by each sibling’s varying the rate of acceleration of his or her own molecules out of phase with those of the other’s.

Concussive Blasts: Ability to send out powerful concussive blasts that can do considerable damage. He can project these from his hands and out from his body in a series of concussive bursts.

Superhuman Speed: Possesses the ability to propel his body at superhuman speed, becoming a living projectile. Through an act of concentration, Northstar can channel a portion of the kinetic energy of the atomic motion in his body’s molecules in a single direction. This can accelerate his body in a velocity in direct proportions to the amount of kinetic energy he has tapped. It was once theoretically possible for him to reach 99% of the speed of light (186, 272 miles per second in a vacuum), although he never travelled at anywhere near that speed since if he did, he would wreak great damage upon himself and his environment. Northstar can also move a portion of his body at superhuman speed at a time.

Heightened Reflexes: Possesses reflexes far above the average human. Reflexes are so advanced that he can go through an entire apartment, checking all the rooms and taking out the survivors in just mere seconds.

Flight: Ability to propel himself through the air. To hover in mid-air Northstar applies thrust downward in a carefully controlled manner. When carrying another, unprotected human being aloft, Northstar does not move faster than 60 miles per hour in order that his "passenger" may be able to breathe easily (Northstar himself can breathe at somewhat higher rates due to training) and so that the "passenger" will not suffer harm from wind, friction, or air turbulence.

Accelerated Metabolism: Possesses a boosted metabolism that can be used to heal wounds quickly.

Enhanced Durability: As a side effect of partially robbing his molecules of their atomic motion, the binding forces within and between the molecules increase. This enhances the sheer toughness of Northstar's entire body. This effect gives his skin enough durability to withstand the ravages of wind, friction and air turbulence.[ source: northstar @ marvel wiki ] and [ source: northstar @ ]

I am not Jean-Paul Beaubier or Northstar. He belongs to the brilliant mind of Stan Lee. He is based on a mix of X-Men comic and movie verse, though due to his extensive and varied comic background, not all of it will be encompassed within this muse. I am not Sean O'Pry, Northstar's PB, he belongs to himself. Not affiliated with the creators of X-Men or Marvel whatsoever. This journal is for muse purposes only. No profit is being made, no infringement intended.

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